Visit to Knepp Castle Estate

Monday 14th June 2010

Knepp Castle Estate is 3,500 acres of parkland in the ownership of the Burrell family for over 220 years just two miles from Southwater. At its heart, overlooking Knepp Lake, is a castle built by the architect John Nash, which remains the family home. Until recently most of the land on the Estate was devoted to traditional arable and dairy farming but in 2001 the focus was shifted and a series of regeneration and restoration projects aimed primarily at nature conservation and a less intensive way of meat production was undertaken.

Sir Charles Burrell, landowner and Jason Emrich , estate manager made us very welcome

We could see the ruins of the Norman keep on the far side of the lake

Leaving a dead tree to harbour insects as part of the natural cycle

Although we saw the fallow and roe deer , the photos were poor
but we came up close to the cattle which roam freely

Old English Longhorn Cattle

Tamworth pigs

Jason and freinds

As the evening light faded the tractor took us up close to the ruins

before depositing us back at our cars

A month later another group from SLHG went round the estate

Thanks to Jason Emrich for the guided tour
and Sir Charles Burrell for making us so welcome