Saddlescombe Visit

Saturday 11th June 2011

The National Trust invited us to visit Saddlescombe Farm
and the first of two of our groups were met there by the National Trust Guide Nick Steer.

We first saw the large “donkey wheel” by which means water was raised from the well

Then we explored the buildings

The Carpenters workshop is on the left with the Smithy and Wheelwrights on the right

The smithy still contains the anvil

And the bellows

Lots of ironmongery adorns the walls

Next door is the Carpenters shop

With the sawpit outside

The “privy”

The old buildings still have the cow stalls

And milking parlour

The cattle feed area for preparation of the beet, mangolds etc

Inside the house we walked through the office

After an excellent lunch at the "Hiker's Rest" we set off up the very steep Newtimber Hill

Where our guide Nick Steer explained the area and imparted his knowledge of the tiny downland plants

A good day was had by all

Thanks to Bob Laker and Rod Orford for the photos