"Southwater Victorians - Lives and Portraits"

The book is in A4 format and comprises over one hundred and seventy pages of photographs taken from a Victorian photograph album, which a member of the long-established farming family of Charmans at Great House Farm began putting together during the second half of the 19th century, and it is thanks to one of their descendants that we have been able to "bring them alive" in print for those living in the village today.
The book includes not only family members but other Southwater characters; the landlord of the Cock Inn and his pretty barmaid; the first stationmaster and his family; the Grinsted family, millers at Cripplegate; details of the vicars who ministered to the villagers, schoolteachers and a farmer's son who left to fight in the American Civil War;
as well as many more.

Compiled by Catherine Andrews, Joan Francis and Patsy Laker.

On Sale at £10 per copy (£ 14.25 inc P&P) from 12 Woodfield, Southwater RH13 9EN

Photographs in the Book

Allam Lilian Emma née Charman 1869-1939
Anson Edith Emily née Rowland 1887-1961
Attwater Jesse 1809-1892
Attwater Kate 1857
Attwater Sarah “Sally” 1849
Bacon Caroline Cecilia née Cazalet 1825-1897
Bacon Rev Francis 1824-1882
Baker Catherine “Kate” née Charman 1841-1893
Baker Eliza Clara née Lanham 1823-1872
Baker Frank Martin Lanham 1860-1930
Botting Miss
Bowles Arthur Edward 1870-1943
Bowles Edward 1837-1882
Bowles Susan “Sally” née Charman 1835-1883
Bowley Emily 1844
Bowley Mary Agnes “Polly” 1839
Boynton Miss
Brand Robert 1848
Bridges Rev Alexander Henry 1811-1891
Bridges Caroline Matilda née Hodgson 1813-1896
Bridges John Henry 1852-1925
Bridges Mary Ann 1850-1869
Brown Sarah “Sally” née Charman 1788-1868
Burchett Mary 1845
Burrage William 1858
Challen Margaret “Maggie” née Charman 1852-1893
Charman Ann née Greenfield 1814-1888
Charman Betsey “Bessie” 1848-1907
Charman Catherine Emma née Lanham 1816-1901
Charman Edgar 1877-1959
Charman Emily née Reading 1844-1936
Charman Frederick William 1841-1921
Charman Frederick William (Junior) 1866-1947
Charman George Clement 1857-1926
Charman Henry Vinall 1814-1889
Charman James 1864-1897
Charman John Lanham 1882-1963
Charman Robert “Bob” Henry 1873-1960
Charman Walter 1879-1963
Collyer “Connie”
Collyer Miss
Collyer’s Schoolboys
Davison Mary Ann 1842
Elwins Polly
Fletcher Brothers
Fletcher Emily née Burkwood 1852-1937
Fletcher John Lowther 1851-1928
Gadd Elizabeth 1801-1873
Gadd Thomas 1806-1895
Gardner Margaret 1868
Golding Alfred 1834-1907
Golding Mary Elizabeth née Quick 1836-1909
Grinsted Daniel 1839-1923
Grinsted Frances “Fanny” Ann 1856-1926
Grinsted Mary 1846
Grinsted William 1841-1900
Henley Rev Hon Robert 1831-1910
Hodgson Rev John Fisher 1813-1892
Humphrey Julia 1844
Humphrey Julia Flora 1869
Humphrey Robert “Bob” 1840
Humphrey Robert Ernest 1866
Humphrey Wallace 1867
Illingworth Edward Arthur 1840-1880
Illingworth Lavinia Frances née Quick 1838-1873
Leppard Alice née Reading 1860-1894
Linfield George 1785-1872
Lovell Ellen
Mason Rev Frederic Robert Hawkes 1856-1935
McDougall Mrs
Nelson Maria Sophia née Lanham 1831-1923
Nelson Robert 1829-1906
Payne Mrs
Pearce Mr and Son
Penfold Charles Edward 1851-1911
Penfold Frances Ann née Lanham 1810-1898
Phillips Charles 1859
Phillips Henry 1828
Phillips Henry “Harry” 1854
Phillips Owen
Phillips Sarah 1829-1889
Piper Abigail formerly Wells née Smith 1800-1879
Potter Stephen 1810-1866
Pronger Edwin 1843-1914
Pronger Richard 1847-1936
Quick Albert Henry Hoskins 1852-1919
Quick Albert Victor 1878-1931
Quick Alfred Ernest 1871-1952
Quick Alfred William 1845-1928
Quick Ellen née Parker 1848-1923
Quick Henrietta née Roser 1852-1925
Quick John Edmund 1805-1886
Quick John Edmund Lanham 1842-1889
Quick Mary Betty née Lanham 1808-1897
Reading Ann née Jupp 1842-1905
Reading Robert 1813-1911
Reading Walter 1846
Reading William 1852-1937
Richardson Emily née Hart 1830-1884
Richardson Emily Sewell 1866
Richardson Herbert Harry 1861-1935
Richardson Walter 1858
Richardson William 1828-1903
Rowland Emily Ada née Charman 1868-1920
Rowland Sidney Edward 1865-1935
Sayers George 1831-1922
Selby Emily Louisa Gertrude née Quick 1876-1952
Sharp Louise née Charman 1871-1965
Simmons Arthur 1872
Simmons Charles Edward 1852
Simmons Harriet née Skinner 1844
Simmons Harriet 1878
Simmons Helen “Nellie” 1848
Simmons James 1843
Simmons Mabel 1886
Simmons Walter 1841-1932
Simmons Walter 1870
Simpson G B
Smith Edith Kate née Charman 1875-1972
Smith Harriott née Postlethwaite 1828-1909
Smith Henry Tilden 1827-1908
Smith Mary Vinall née Charman 1806-1875
Smith Nancy 1857-1913
Southwater Schoolchildren
Spiers Susannah Sarah née Lanham 1818-1893
Sykes Percival
Sykes Mrs
Tulloh Miss M J
Waller James 1821
White Mrs
Wood Jenny
Wood Foster


King Edward VII 1841-1910
Queen Alexandra 1844-1925
Princess Louise 1848-1939
Prince Heinrich of Battenberg (possibly) 1858-1896
Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught 1850-1942
Princess Louise Margaret of Prussia, Duchess of Connaught 1860-1917
Benjamin Disraeli, 1st Earl of Beaconsfield 1804-1881
Stafford Northcote, 1st Earl of Iddesleigh 1818-1887
Richard Assheton Cross, 1st Viscount Cross 1823-1914
Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, 3rd Marquis of Salisbury 1830-1930
Michael Hicks Beach, 1st Earl of St Aldwyn 1837-1916
Rt Hon William Henry Smith 1825-1891
Rt Hon William Robert Seymour Vesey Fitzgerald, MP 1818-1885


Angmering, Ham Manor
Beddington, Mary Ann Bridges’ Grave
Bolney, Eight Bells
Bradwell-on-Sea, Chapel of St Peter’s-on-the-Wall
Brighton, Countess of Huntingdon’s Church
Brighton, Grand Hotel
Brighton, No 1 Marine Parade
Brighton, Railway Station
Brighton, Royal Suspension Chain Pier and Palace Pier
Brighton, West Pier
Chichester Cathedral
Chichester Market Cross
Cleopatra’s Needle
Horsham, Collyer’s Free Grammar School
Horsham, Denne Park House
Horsham, St Mark’s Church
Horsham, St Mary’s Parish Church
Mannings Heath, Dun Horse
Peterborough Cathedral
Salisbury Cathedral
Southwater Church
Southwater, Cock Inn
Southwater, Cripplegate Mill
Southwater, Greathouse Farm
Southwater, “Greenway”
Southwater, “Marlhurst”
Southwater School
SS ”Carmania”
Thiepal Memorial, France
West Grinstead, Knepp Castle