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Southwater War Memorial


Name Frederick George “ Jack” BALCHIN
Regiment 61842 Private in the Royal Fusiliers (1st City of London Regiment) 10th Battalion
(Formerly 8836 3rd Royal Sussex)
Died 9th April 1917, on the first day of the Battle of Arras, when 20,000 mwn attacked the German lines from the Wellington Quarry Tunnels system. 41 men were killed and 51 were injured. Fred was killed when one of the sixteen exits were blown. The tunnels had been built by New Zealanders and lost until 1990 when they were found during supermarket construction
Age 26
Cemetery Faubourg Damiens Cemetry , Arras, FRANCE VII.G.4
Family Son of Charles and Sarah Balchin of 3 Andrews Cottages,Andrews Lane, Southwater, Frederick George was a butcher before the war.

Faubourg Damiens Cemetry , Arras, FRANCE

Cards sent home by Jack