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Southwater War Memorial


Name Frederick James LAKER
Regiment G 1805 Private Royal Sussex Regiment 8th ( Pioneer) Battalion Part of B Company in 1917, carrying and laying grids in assembly and communications treanches. Much of the time they were devoted to the construction of light railways and bridges for the Ypres Salient. Fred was one of three casualties. The others were Private Norman Lord from Accrington and Private Vinall.
Died 12th July 1917
Age 21
Cemetery Dickebusch New Military Cemetery Extension, BELGIUM II B 10
Family Baptised 22nd December 1895 at Southwater, the son of carter James Laker and his wife Elizabeth of 2 Bonfire Hill Cottages, Southwater
Fred Laker War Diaries 1914 to 1916

Sept. 4 1914 Joined up at Chichester Barracks. Stopped there 6 days, slept in the open one night left there for Colchester on the 9th/9/14.
Oct. 6th Moved camp to Middewick.
Oct. 26th Had roast beef for dinner.
Nov. 14th Billeted out in Colchester had tea in open. Raining very hard.
Nov. 5th Sunday paraded at 4.30 had breakfast in the open raining very hard.
Lively time of Tommy.
Nov. 10th Passed first firing test grouping.
March 9th Left billets moved in to Asaye Barracks, Colchester.
May 3rd Leaving Colchester for Salisbury rain three days march arrived 6th.
July 24th Then left Salisbury plain in route for the front. Sailed on the Empress Queen from Southampton arrived at LíHavre.

July 25th Stayed at rest camp one night
July 26th Then proceeded to Armiens by train in cattle trucks arrived at lOpm on from there we marched to Flessells arrived at 4 am on the 27th dead tired left Flessells in route to Beaucort.
August 8th Left Beaucort for Bougon Court arrived in thunderstorm. Marched 10 miles.
August 11th Started Pioneers work at Aveluey trenches and wire tanglement.
August 20th Left Bougon Court for Meault
September 7th Left Meault for Albert

Jan 2nd We dug new firing Line. No Losses
March 8th Left Albert to Meault
March 7th Left Meault for Ville
March 16th Left Ville went in dug out at Bray.
March 30th Left Grove Town dug out for new ones in Tagger Valley . Left Tagger Valley for Billon Valley
June 19th Left dug out for Sailey due Ret. 8 miles march supposed 10 days rest not come off.
Left Sailey went back to dug outs about the 16th .
Left dugs for Bray on 26th resting so far
Left Bray for Gamay.
July 1st Day off in Adrares.
Left Camay for Grove Town on the 9th of July.
Left Grove Town for You/ Teu (?) Valley on the 12th July
July 13th Very heavy bombardment early morning. Digging a new fire trench, a good many casualties.

Left Teu Valley on 19th of July back about 5 miles. Stopped in a wood 2 nights. Left wood on 21st for Hallencourt about 5 miles march. Left Hallencourt for Pont Remy. 3 miles march
Entrained from there passing through Boulougne Calais. 7 hours ride. From there we marched to Reneure. 6 miles march. Jolly tired and foot sore.

March from Renceure to.

Diary ends here . . . .

This diary was written in pencil and some parts are not easily read and spellings need to be checked.

Thanks to Mrs Margaret Hallett for the loan of the diary

Dickebusch New Military Cemetery Extension, BELGIUM

Photos sent home by Fred