Ceremony Plans

Charles Nesfield Andrewes
Frederick Balchin
Henry Bennett
Charles Bradford
William Burgess
Arthur Chessall
James Compton
Aldwyn Custance
Charles Deacon
Frank Eames
George Fuggles
Isaac Gratwicke
Peter Gratwicke
Alfred Hide
Charles Howell
John Huntley
Arthur Kennard
Henry Kensett
Sidney Kensett
Bernard Laker
Frederick Laker
Frederick Lewry
Philip Mitchell
Thomas Owen
William Parsons
Charles Rapley
Charles Roberts
Arthur Rush
William Sayers
Alec Shoubridge
Thomas Shoubridge
Frank Simmons
James Standing
Albert Welcome
Frederick Whitner
James Willis

Frederick Boniface
Charles Bourne
Alexander Buller
John Corbet-Ward
Richard Corbet-Ward
Alfred Godward
Norman Gratwicke
Vivian Hughes
Harry Jones
Charles Knight
Frank Knight
John Lawson
Lawrence Moore
James Steadman
Herbert Turk
Charles Wieland
Richard Wykes

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Andrewes CN
Balchin FG
Bennett H
Bradford CF
Burgess W
Chessall ARH
Compton J
Custance AD
Deacon C
Eames FW
Fuggles GF
Gratwicke ITL
Gratwicke P
Hide AW
Howell CH
Huntley J
Kennard A
Kensett HJ
Kensett S
Laker BP
Laker FJ
Lewry FG
Mitchell P
Owen T
Parsons W
Rapley CG
Roberts CD
Rush A
Sayers WR
Shoubridge AJ
Shoubridge TG
Simmons FB
Standing J
Welcome AJ
Whitner FW
Willis J
Boniface FG
Bourne CA
Buller AJS
Corbet-Ward J
Corbet-Ward R
Godward AJ
Gratwicke ND
Hughes VG
Jones H
Knight CF
Knight FH
Lawson JM
Moore LWA
Steadman JA
Turk HG
Wieland CR
Wykes RC

Those men recorded here either lived in Southwater or had close connections to the village. Most names are on the original memorial in Holy Innocents Church, Southwater. The letters and numbers marked in the cemetery details cite the position of the grave.

With grateful thanks to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission

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