War Memorial Construction

June to September 2008

Photos by kind permission of Bob Laker

Making a start on 1st June 2008

Robert Piper,researcher, Robin Grange, project manager and Jeremy Senneck, Fund chairman

Janey Grange supervises

Surveyor Ray Burton and Bob Laker watch the progress

Committee Patsy Laker, Robert Piper, Janey Grange, Bob Piper, Robin Grange with stonemason Gareth Judd

The memorial base is made from Southwater Bricks

So many of the village casualties worked in the brickyard

It is appropriate that the memorial is sited in front of the old brickyard gates

SDBC stands for Sussex and Dorking Brick Co.

Our stonemason Gareth Judd shows us the work in progress in his workshop

The Laurel Wreath was carved by hand with great skill

The flag pole foundations were dug on 26th July, probably the only hot day of a very wet summer

6th August 2008 , erecting of the memorial

Book him Damien (joke). Damien is one of the village PCSOs and helped on Memorial Ceremony Day

Children will like to see the fossilised jelly fish in the Portland stone

Raising the flag on 7th August 2008

Nearly finished

Preparing for the plaque

Mission accomplished !

A Memorial to be proud of

Thanks to the village residents, businesses and local councils for all the help they have given to make this possible.